Student Profiles

Kaelyn Swartout

“A child life specialist is someone who works in a hospital working closely with children and families during their stay.”

Darcy Smalley

“Working at the Lab school has been great. It is fun to hang out with the kids, and all the full-time teachers are super nice.”

Kate Pruess

“I joined the FCEDS club because I’m passionate about my major. I wanted to do more and learn about what I’ll be doing in a few years.”

Elyse Christian

“I have had some opportunities to interact with parents and learn how to effectively communicate information to them, which will be useful in the future.”

Anlis Mercado

“I miss Puerto Rico, but I’m getting to experience other things here.”

Lauren Stratton

“Caregivers do such an amazing job caring for others, they forget to care for themselves.”

Chloe Steffensmeier

“I could see myself doing a lot of things, but I really enjoy doing is researching the policy aspect of older adults, and seeing what policies impact older adults.”

Mariah Nichols

“I’m glad I learned [what I wanted in a career] before I got a full-time job.”

Jon Ordonio

“I want to help and teach children not just in one country but all over the world.”

Haley Appel

"Being in the HDFS club you meet people who may not be in your classes but are in the HDFS community so you grow more connections."

Megan Wallace

“Working with kids are what my jobs have been since I was 14.”

Olivia Diggs

“It’s important to contribute to journals. The hardest part is actually getting your research to the public. Getting over that hurdle is something we should all strive for.”

Sia Turner

"I’m not good at math or science. I’m going to help people because that's what I’m good at.”

Jordan Arellanes

“Don’t just do research to do research. Do research that you can put into action and make a change in the community from it.”

Ashley Murphy

"At-risk children have potential to succeed and I just want to be the one to give them hope that it’s possible."

Kelly Stocker

“I’ve always wanted to be in all classrooms. I want to be able to adapt and teach all kids to love what they are learning.”

Sergio Torres

Sergio Torres, from Newell, Iowa, is studying financial counseling and planning to one day become a financial counselor.

Jill Vanderhoof

Jill Vanderhoof, from Villisca, Iowa, is studying family and consumer science education and studies to be a high school FCEDs teacher.

Haylee Flint-Baker

“You have to experience something before you decide whether or not you like it.”

Kelly Koch

“Through MAO I found the importance of serving my community. Now, I found a career that lets me do that every day.”

Katie Tullar

“The moment I walked on campus, I knew this was the place for me.”

Jessica Taylor

“Learn as much as possible, but don’t be scared to do your own thing.”

Logan Schneider

“I’m good with my personal finances, and I like the idea of helping others with theirs.”

Nicole Marg

“I’ve appreciated getting feedback, and the opportunity to change my teaching methods to be better.”

Lisa Nebel

“I just want to be able to help people – financials are a big part of someone’s life.”

Kaitlyn Varner

Kaitlyn Varner, from Northwood, Iowa, is studying family and consumer science education and studies to one day become an FCS teacher.

Kaitlynn Botkin

“Find your focus area sooner, so you know where to focus your classes.”

Amberly J. Ehret

“It looks from birth to death. I’m not limited to K-12. I can work in everything from a summer camp to a nursing home.”

Angelica Jasper

“Grad school is just as much about connecting with professors as it is about the program.”

Yan Su

“I will get my Ph.D. and become a nursing professor specializing in gerontology.”

Emily McKnight

“I want to continue my research and use my theories to help women have more fulfilling dating relationships.”

Linnea Stephens

Linnea Stephens, from Urbandale, Iowa, is studying child, adult, and family services to one day work as a mental health counselor.

Melissa Delinger

“Everyone seems to want to go into academia but that’s not me; so I tailor my classes, thesis, dissertation to where I want to go.”

Kayla Rusher

“Not only do I feel well educated in my career path, but also in worldly skills such as public speaking, writing, time management, and team work.”

Britta Becker

Britta Becker, from Swaledale, Iowa, is studying family and consumer science education and studies to teach high school students life skills.

Gina Lee

Gina Lee, from South Korea, is studying child, adult, and family services to one day work as a gerontology professor.

Greta Stuhlsatz

“I never thought about how real people wrote the research articles we read in class; once I did, I knew I wanted to be one of them.”

Erin Neill

"When it came to time to look at programs, I saw a Ph.D. in human development and family sciences would let me combine my interests in research, social work and psychology."

Randie D. Camp

Randie D. Camp, from Ames, Iowa, is a doctoral student studying human development and family studies to become a tenure-track faculty member.