Academic Planning

Degree audit

ISU uses the Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS), which provides a printout that displays your specific curriculum requirements and all of the courses you have completed, are currently taking, or are registered for, showing how they meet those requirements.

Your ISU degree audit is available online via the AccessPlus system. See also the Registrar’s Office degree audits page  for additional information about degree audits.

Changing your major

Follow these steps to change your major:

  1. Talk with an adviser in the program you wish to enter.

  2. Schedule an appointment with your adviser to complete the File Transmittal Form when you’re ready to complete the paper work.

  3. Request that your adviser get your advising folder and sign the form.

    If you are changing colleges, you must also:

    • Get a signature from your current college office.
    • Get a signature from the new college office.
  4. Take the form and your folder to the new department office.

Adding a minor

See the minor page.

GPA calculator

Your grade point average (GPA) is determined by dividing your total quality points earned by your total credits. You can calculate this for the semester to obtain your term GPA or for your entire ISU coursework to obtain your cumulative GPA.

Academic probation

Students are expected to make continual progress toward completing their degree. Academic probation is a warning system to alert students that their academic progress is not what it should be. Students must take action to address the reasons for their lack of progress and seek assistance from campus and community resources as necessary.

Students are encouraged to develop an academic recovery plan with the help of their adviser. See the current university catalog academic probation section for additional information.

Registering for classes

Registration for courses for the next semester is usually completed on-line, using AccessPlus.

Approximately mid-semester, a registration access number (RAN) is generated for students along with an assigned registration start date and time. This information is sent to each adviser. Registration start dates are determined by the registrar and are typically based on the number of total credits completed. The classification ranges are based on credits earned:

  • Freshman: 1-29 credits
  • Sophomore: 30-59 credits
  • Junior: 60-89 credits
  • Senior: 90 or more credits

Taking courses in other schools

Current ISU students wishing to take a course at another school should refer to the transfer course equivalency guide to determine how the course corresponds to a course offered here at ISU. Then, schedule a time to visit with your adviser to determine if this transfer course can be used to meet your degree requirements.

If you are within the last 32 semester credits of your program, you must have approval before registering for the course(s). Complete the Waiver of last 32 credits (doc) and obtain the appropriate signatures. Once the course has been completed, you must request a transcript be sent to the ISU Admissions Office in order for it to officially appear on your record. See the admissions course equivalency guides for additional information.