Advising provides students with a personal connection to the university and to the HDFS department. Your academic success is important to us. Getting the most out of advising appointments requires both student and adviser to be prepared, flexible, and respectful.

Students are assigned an HDFS adviser upon officially entering the department.  Adviser assignments can be found on AccessPlus.

Contacting your adviser

Contact your adviser whenever you have questions. You should make an appointment to visit with them at least once every semester before the registration period begins. Email is often the most convenient way to reach your adviser.

Child, Adult, and Family Services

Pat Walsh
HDFS Academic Advising Coordinator
2321 Palmer

Lisa Enloe
2315 Palmer

Jackie Krogh
2364 Palmer

Early Childhood Education

Lisa Sharp
2362 Palmer

Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Studies

Michale Hansen
34A MacKay Hall

Financial Counseling and Planning

Pat Walsh
HDFS Academic Advising Coordinator
2321 Palmer

Carolyn Steckelberg
1337 Palmer

Why visit your adviser?

Advisers can help you:

  • Understand university, college, and department policies and procedures.
  • Develop realistic academic plans and goals suited to your interests and abilities.
  • Find appropriate campus resources when necessary.
  • Monitor your progress towards degree completion.

The more you get to know your adviser and allow him or her to get to know you, your strengths, goals, and interests, the more satisfying and beneficial the relationship becomes. Advisers want you to be successful in your college experience and in achieving your academic and personal goals. The more they know you, the better advocate they can be for you.

Academic planning information

Degree audits

Changing your major

Adding a minor

Calculating your GPA

Academic probation

Registering for classes

Taking courses in other schools