The ISU Financial Counseling Clinic provides:

  • Non-biased financial information
  • Understandable financial options
  • Highly trained financial counselors
  • An educational approach

These services are provided by students in the Financial Counseling course offered through Human Development Family Studies. The clinic does not provide full time staffing. Students are supervised by resident faculty who specialize in family finance. The counseling needs vary by frequency and by topic. A few of the topics are listed below. This is not a comprehensive listing. Feel free to contact the clinic with any questions.

Counseling services provided

Credit and credit cards

Budgeting and debt management


Job benefits


  • Student Advice

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  • Contact Information

    Financial Counseling Clinic
    Iowa State University
    4380 Palmer HDFS Building, #1340
    Ames, Iowa 50011-4380

  • Did You Know?

    The ISU Financial Counseling Clinic is one of only a handful of similar clinics in the U.S. Not only does it provide critical financial wellness services, it provides valuable clinical experience for students in the FCP program.

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