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The income tax code is complex and we are here to help you sort through questions and details. Students in particular stand to benefit from certain parts of the code such as education tax credits and student loan interest adjustments. As questions arise in these and other tax related areas, give us a call or make an appointment, we are here to help.

Tax form preparation: For tax form preparation, the best place to start is at the source — the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS has been working hard to make its website more user-friendly, and the customer support available through the help and resources link is typically excellent.

Free online filing: For free online filing of simple tax returns we suggest freefile offered through the IRS website.

Other resources: More trusted advice on income tax preparation can be found through the internet public library special collections site

What happens during a session?

Taxes are a central part of our financial lives, and we are here to help in the FCC. We do not specialize in income tax preparation: there are many good professional and volunteer organizations working in the area and we are happy to help you find the right partner in income tax preparation.

What we do is discuss your tax issues with you and get you headed in the right direction with your tax planning and preparation. In the clinic we encourage all taxpayers to at least attempt preparation of their own tax forms. We believe in learning by doing. As your financial life becomes more complicated, the need for income tax assistance will arise; but the more you know about the tax code, the more opportunity there is to save and plan for the future. 

Resources you may use

  • Internal Revenue Service provides tax information, tips, worksheets, and forms for filing federal and state tax returns.
  • Freefile, a tax preparation service offered by the IRS, allows taxpayers to file simple tax returns for free.
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