Financial counseling and planning

Financial counseling and planning

This curriculum prepares students for professional work related to financial counseling and planning (FCP). FCP is a growing career field and appeals to students who want to work with individuals and families to help them meet their financial goals and improve their financial capability to better meet financial challenges.

The financial and counseling undergraduate program at Iowa State University (ISU) is the only program of its kind offered in Iowa. Graduates of the program are prepared for employment within the public and private sectors including working in the banking and insurance industry and financial counseling and human service agencies. FCP majors also are prepared to enter graduate programs in family financial planning, financial education, economics, and finance.

Financial Counseling Clinic

Our department has the first-in-the-nation campus Financial Counseling Clinic. The Financial Counseling Clinic helps our students gain experience through observation, workshops, and one-on-one counseling with people seeking financial advice.

Program information

There are three emphases within the financial counseling and planning major that give specific focus to the broad range of curriculum within the academic program.

  • Family financial counseling
  • Family financial planning
  • Family financial studies

Financial counseling and planning

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Careers and internships

Graduates of the financial counseling and planning program are well-prepared for helping individuals and families with financial goals and assist them in financial challenges. They are also able to pursue further education options in graduate programs.

Graduate programs in HDFS

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