Supplemental Information Form - Graduate Program

Section A: Student Information

This form together with your transcripts, GRE scores, resume, three letters of recommendation, and your answers to the questions in Section B provides the basis for selection of graduate students to the master's and doctorate programs in Human Development and Family Studies. Applications are reviewed by a committee of six faculty members including the Director of Graduate Education.

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Last Name:
Gender: Male Female Transgender
Home address:
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Additional Information

1. Anticipated Semester of Entrance:

2. Degree Sought:

Master's of Science in HDFS (thesis option)
Master's of Science in HDFS (non-thesis option)
Master of Family Consumer Science - HDFS (non-thesis)

3. If Ph.D. applicant, have you completed a Master's thesis?

Yes No

4. Have you successfully completed an introductory statistics course?

Yes No

5. If you wish to be considered for a departmental assistantship, please check your preference:

Teaching Assistantship
Research Assistantship
No preference
I do not want an assistantship

6. Do you want to be considered for a College of Human Sciences scholarship?

Yes No

If yes, please complete the scholarship application at

If you wish to be considered for a CHS Scholarship, you MUST submit an application found at the aforementioned link. The application deadline for a CHS Scholarship is February 1.

7. If you are interested in Gerontology or Adult Development and Aging, would you like to be considered for funding from the ISU Gerontology program?

Yes No

8. How did you hear about the HDFS graduate program?

HDFS undergrad student
HDFS alumni
HDFS faculty member
HDFS recruitment day

Additional Funding

Graduate Minority Assistantship Program (GMAP). Through your academic program of study, GMAP offers financial assistance to US citizens who are members of ethnic groups traditionally underrepresented in higher education.

Eligibility requirements:

  1. US citizenship (permanent residents - international students are ineligible)
  2. Member of one of the following ethnic groups: African American, American Indian, Latino
  3. Admitted into a degree-seeking Master's or Doctoral program as full or provisional status.

1. Do you meet the above requirements (assuming full or provisional admittance status) for GMAP?

Yes No

Graduate Disability Assistantship Program (GDAP). Through your academic program of study, GDAP offers financial assistance to graduate students who are disabled. Funding for your graduate study can come from several sources. GDAP is one funding source for disabled graduate students.

Eligibility requirements:

  1. GDAP funding must be requested for you. There is no required paperwork for you to complete, as the request must come from the academic program or administrative office where you hold your assistantship.
  2. Have a disability (physical or mental disability that substantially limits one or more major life activities) under the Americans with Disabilities Act and confirmed through ISU Disability Office.
  3. Admitted into a degree-seeking Master's or Doctoral program as full or provisional (students admitted on a restricted basis are ineligible).

2. Do you meet the above requirements(assuming full or provisional admittance status) for GDAP?

Yes No

Section B: Student Information Questionnaire

Type the following questions and your responses on separate sheets of paper (please include your name on your document). Please do not submit more than two typewritten pages in answering these questions.

Please attach your responses to the questions below to your online graduate college application.

  1. Why have you chosen the HD FS graduate program? How did your interest in this field develop?
  2. What experiences (e.g., informal, academic, work/job, extracurricular) have you had related to this graduate program?
  3. Briefly describe special awards and recognitions you have received.
  4. Indicate up to five key words of your area of research interest.
  5. Describe how your research interests fit with current research emphasis in the department.
  6. What critical research questions in your field do you believe need to be addressed in future research?
  7. How will this graduate program help you accomplish your professional goals?
  8. Choose up to three faculty members that you are most interested in working with during your graduate program.
  9. Click here for our list of faculty members:

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