Graduate Programs and Curriculum

The graduate curriculum is structured to allow graduate students to custom design their own program of study (POS). Other than core requirements, students, with approval of their Program of Study Committee, may select from all available graduate coursework to complete the degree. This flexible option is designed to meet the unique needs of our graduate students:

  • All students take a core set of courses.
  • The program of study is completed with a selection of courses that meet the individual needs of the student.

You will find that the variety of and flexibility in the coursework allows you to tailor your program to your specific academic interests:

Doctorate (Ph.D.) curriculum (includes masters core courses)

Masters (M.S.) curriculum

Graduate minor

Graduate Certificates

Master of Family and Consumer Sciences


Since our degrees are research-based, students are required to take coursework in research methods and statistics. Pre-requisite to the required Statistics 401 is an introductory level statistics 101-type course. If you do not have an undergraduate statistics course, you should take one prior to enrolling in the HDFS graduate program. You may take an introductory statistics course at the beginning of your graduate program in our department, but it may delay your progress.