Doctor of Philosopy (Ph.D.) Curriculum

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) students custom design their own program of study with approval of the Program of Study Committee.

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Masters (M.S.) core courses

Doctorate students must complete the M.S. core courses.

Doctorate (Ph.D.) core courses

Course # Course type/name Credits
HDFS 501 Graduate Studies, Research & Ethics in HD FS (2) 2
  Theory: 6
HDFS 510 Theories of Human Development (3)  
HDFS 511 Family Theory (3)  
  Research/statistics: 18
HDFS 503 Quantitative Research Methods (4)  
HDFS 505 Application of Quantitative Research Methods (3)  
HDFS 504 Qualitative Research Methods  (3)  
HDFS 603 Advanced Quantitative Methods (3) OR  
HDFS 604 Advanced Qualitative Research (3)  
HDFS 608 Grant Writing for Research (3)  
  Additional credits of stat/research methods (2)  
  Internships 6
HDFS 691 A (College Teaching) (3)  
HDFS 691 B (Research) OR D (Professional Experience) (3)  
  Additional credits of other coursework Note: 15 Credits Must Be Taken in HDFS 25
  Dissertation research: 15
HDFS 699 Dissertation Research  
  Ph.D. core minimum credit total 72

Internship waiver - HDFS 691: Students who have had substantial independent college teaching and/or independent research experience and/or professional experience may have the internship requirement waived.