Student Profiles

Gina Lee

“Getting two degrees at one institution was better than having to transition to a new environment.”

Lauren Stratton

“Caregivers do such an amazing job caring for others, they forget to care for themselves.”

Chloe Steffensmeier

“I could see myself doing a lot of things, but I really enjoy doing is researching the policy aspect of older adults, and seeing what policies impact older adults.”

Olivia Diggs

“It’s important to contribute to journals. The hardest part is actually getting your research to the public. Getting over that hurdle is something we should all strive for.”

Jordan Arellanes

“Don’t just do research to do research. Do research that you can put into action and make a change in the community from it.”

Angelica Jasper

“Grad school is just as much about connecting with professors as it is about the program.”

Yan Su

“I will get my Ph.D. and become a nursing professor specializing in gerontology.”

Emily McKnight

“I want to continue my research and use my theories to help women have more fulfilling dating relationships.”

Melissa Delinger

“Everyone seems to want to go into academia but that’s not me; so I tailor my classes, thesis, dissertation to where I want to go.”

Greta Stuhlsatz

“I never thought about how real people wrote the research articles we read in class; once I did, I knew I wanted to be one of them.”

Erin Neill

"When it came to time to look at programs, I saw a Ph.D. in human development and family sciences would let me combine my interests in research, social work and psychology."

Randie D. Camp

Randie D. Camp, from Ames, Iowa, is a doctoral student studying human development and family studies to become a tenure-track faculty member.