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Iowa State University exercise study recognized for impact to worldwide health
Research released from Iowa State details running’s positive effects on longevity — and received an international Atlas Award.
Students pair with professors to research food safety, food security, childhood obesity
Undergraduate students pair with professors this summer to research food safety, food security, and childhood obesity.
Iron availability research creates worldwide food security
Manju Reddy is combating global food challenges by testing foods that provide high iron absorption with few negative side effects.
Researchers tackle obesity from multiple perspectives
College of Human Sciences researchers in several departments seek to better understand, prevent, and treat obesity.
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Festival highlights benefits of music for people with Parkinson’s disease
Elizabeth Stegemöller leads singing classes for people with Parkinson's. A festival will feature music and celebrate their strength.
Researchers study link between foodborne E. coli and UTI, sepsis, meningitis illnesses
Melha Mellata and her team of researchers study the link between food and extraintestinal pathogenic E. coli (ExPEC) infections.
Dean’s Faculty Fellow prevents foodborne illness
Byron Brehm-Stecher studies the detection and elimination of foodborne pathogens.
STEM-Lit program encourages play to teach K-3 students about science and reading
STEM-Lit to Go! teaches young children about science, math, technology, engineering, and literature through play.
Interdisciplinary team enhances protective clothing design
Interdisciplinary research in the College of Human Sciences is improving the safety of those who wear protective clothing.

HDFS Announcements

HDFS Announcements

Christine Lippard named Early Career Research Award recipient by National Association of Early Childhood Teacher Educators Foundation
Lippard, an assistant professor in human development and family studies, received the award for her proposal "Preparation for a Strong Early Childhood Workforce: Preservice Training." It was selected on the merits of its being evidence-based, early childhood/early childhood teacher education research; making a significant contribution to the knowledge base of teacher education in early childhood/early childhood teacher education; and addressing issues of quality of program development in early childhood teacher education/early childhood. The award will be presented at the NAECTE Conference Reception, November 15, 2017, in Atlanta, Georgia. More».

HDFS alumna Vanessa McNeal wins two international IndieFEST Film Awards:
Vanessa McNeal, a 2015 graduate in child, adult, and family services, and her team for the documentary "The Voiceless" received two international IndieFEST Film Awards: Award of Merit: Liberation/Social Justice/Protest, and Award of Recognition: Women Filmmaker. "The Voiceless" features male survivors of sexual violence. The IndieFEST Film Awards recognizes film, television, videography and new media professionals who demonstrate exceptional achievement in craft and creativity, and those who produce standout entertainment or contribute to profound social change. Entries are received from around the world. More».

Peter Martin awarded 2017 Distinguished Career Contribution to Gerontology Award:
Peter Martin, a University Professor in human development and family studies, was recently awarded the 2017 Distinguished Career Contribution to Gerontology Award from The Gerontological Society of America behavioral and social sciences section. The award honors Martin for articulating a novel perspective or synthesis that addresses significant gerontological challenges. Martin will formally receive his award and deliver a lecture in November 2018 at the annual GSA meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. More».

Jordan Arellanes receives 2017 Feldman Outstanding Research Proposal for Research in Family Policy Award:
Arellanes, a graduate student in human development and family studies who holds the Dorothy A. Wyant Fellowship in Family Health, is the recipient of the 2017 Feldman Outstanding Research Proposal for Research in Family Policy Award. He'll receive the award Nov. 16 at a plenary session of the National Council on Family Relations annual conference in Orlando, Florida. Arellanes works with Brenda Lohman and Kim Greder in studying Latino fathers' contributions and strengths to help their children succeed in school. The award he will receive recognizes a graduate student or new professional who has demonstrated excellence in research and potential contribution to family policy studies. Arellanes will receive a $250 cash award and plaque, and will present a brief report on his project and related findings at the NCFR annual conference. More».

Ashley Murphy shares her passion for helping at-risk children in student profile
Ashley knows she wants to work in a Title I school district, as a kindergarten teacher, with at-risk children. When she isn't studying, she enjoys grabbing coffee from Caribou and sitting on central campus with a book, going to the Memorial Union Maintenance Shop, and finding new things to do around Ames. More».

Carl Weems co-authors new book focusing on neurobiology of traumatic stress stress:
Weems, professor and chair of human development and family studies, co-authored the book with Stanford University's Victor G. Carrión. The authors hope to launch new ways of studying the impact of trauma on children and adolescents.

NY Elite Magazine features Vanessa McNeal:

Vanessa McNeal, a 2015 Iowa State graduate in child, adult, and family services; continues to generate publicity with her story and her speaking and filmmaking career. One of the latest features comes from NY Elite Magazine, a cultural diplomacy magazine featuring stories about arts and culture. More».

Kelly Stocker shares the importance of teaching for all learning abilities in student profile:

Kelly knows she wants to teach preschool in an inclusive classroom. When she isn't studying, she enjoys reading, hiking, and watching movies. More».

Katie Meyers receive American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Iowa Affiliate award:

Katie Meyers, a senior in family and consumer science education and studies who's president of the FCEDS Club, received the University Student Award from the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) Iowa Affiliate.

Jill Vanderhoof inducted as national AAFCS Student Unit co-chair:

Jill Vanderhoof, a senior in family and consumer science education and studies, was in June inducted as the national American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) Student Unit co-chair, overseeing all states with active student units across the United States. Her term begins in August. The National Student Unit officer team promotes the professional development of members who are students of family and consumer sciences or related fields through regular communications on association programs geared to students, and planning annual conference activities and the annual Student Unit service project. More».

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