Research and Training Projects

BROTHERSON/MAUDE:  Building Foundations of S Self-determination in Young Children with Disabilities: Developing a Curriculum for Families

BROTHERSON/LUZE/PETERSON: A Collaborative Leadership Training Program: Early Childhood Special Education 

FLETCHER: Asset Building in Rural Communities - Exploring Barriers and Identifying Opportunities as Strategies for Poverty Reduction

GREDER: Juntos: Together for a Better Education

GREDER: Abriendo Caminos: Clearing the Path for Latino Family Health. A community-based family focused obesity prevention program in partnership with the University of Illinois abriendo_caminos_overview(1)

GREDER/COOK: Rural Families Speak About Health (NC1171): Interactions of Individual, Family, Community, and Policy Contexts on the Mental and Physical Health of Diverse Rural Low-income Families

GUDMUNSON: ISU Financial Counseling Clinic Research Project

HEGLAND/WAGNER: Environment Rating Scale Assessment Project

HONG/MELBY: Child Support Training BOC-12-005 Second Amendment

HONG/MELBY/FLETCHER: Mapping the Future of Paternity Establishment Through GIS 

HONG/MELBY: Service Training FOSU-13-001

JORDAN: Pathways to Marriage

JORDAN: Program for Strong African American Marriages (ProSAAM)

LOHMAN: Three-City Teacher Survey (TCTS)

LOHMAN/GREDER/NEPPL/RUSSELL: Understanding Toxic Stress Exposure, Food Insecurity, and Child/Adolexcent Obesity

LOHMAN/NEPPL: Understanding the Influence of GxE on Teen Dating Violence Across Generations; Feasibility, Piloting, and Publishing

LUZE/HUGHES-BELDING: Individual Growth and Development Indicator: A Comprehensive Assessment Project (IGDI-CAP)

MARGRETT/MARTIN: Cognition, Mental Health, and Activity in Older Adulthood

MARTIN: Georgia Centenarian Study

MAUDE: Evaluation Research - 3 grants funded under the IDEA

MELBY: Evaluation of the Psychometric Properties of the Iowa Family Interaction Rating Scales

NEPPL: Family Transitions Project

NEPPL/LOHMAN: The Impact of Environmental Stress, Genetic Biomarkers, and Food Insecurity on Childhood Obesity

NEPPL/SCHOFIELD: A Genetic Study of Personal Traits That Promote or Inhibit Individual Well-being

OESTERREICH: Children, Youth and Families Education Research Network (CYFERnet)

OESTERREICH: Better Kid Care New Staff Orientation

OESTERREICH/HEGLAND: I-Consult Early Childhood Consultation Program

OESTERREICH: Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale Training Program

PETERSON/LUZE: Internal Collaborative Apprenticeship Training (ICat) Project

RUSSELL: Family and Community Health Study (FACHS)