Juntos: Together for a Better Education

Juntos: Together for a Better Education

Kimberly Greder, PI

  •  Juntos is a community-based extension education program that helps Latino parents and youth gain knowledge and access resources to prevent youth from dropping out of school, and to encourage youth and their parents to work together to gain access to college.  

  • Program evaluation data is being collected to determine the effectiveness of the program in preventing Latino youth from dropping out of school in selected Iowa communities, and in increasing youth and parents’ awareness of how to attain a college education. Follow up data will be collected to identify participating youth’s enrollment in higher education.

  • Juntos brings together partners from Cooperative Extension, high schools and local community colleges, youth and their families, and college-age mentors to help Latino youth and their parents learn how to help Latino youth succeed in school and attain access to higher education.  Juntos applies culturally appropriate activities and specially crafted concepts that were specifically designed to meet the needs of Spanish-speaking parents and youth.

  • Funding to implement the program is secured by local communities. 

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