Student Profiles

Jon Ordonio

“I want to help and teach children not just in one country but all over the world.”

Haley Appel

"Being in the HDFS club you meet people who may not be in your classes but are in the HDFS community so you grow more connections."

Ashley Murphy

"At-risk children have potential to succeed and I just want to be the one to give them hope that it’s possible."

Kelly Stocker

“I’ve always wanted to be in all classrooms. I want to be able to adapt and teach all kids to love what they are learning.”

Nicole Marg

“I’ve appreciated getting feedback, and the opportunity to change my teaching methods to be better.”

Kayla Rusher

“Not only do I feel well educated in my career path, but also in worldly skills such as public speaking, writing, time management, and team work.”