Student Profiles


Degree Type:

Olivia Osborn


Olivia Osborn follows in the footsteps of her mother and studies to become a clinical social worker for dependent adults.

Amy Eckstrom


Amy Eckstrom loves helping people of all ages. At Iowa State, she's narrowed down her interest to helping children from middle childhood to adolescence cope with mental illnesses.

Clare Andresen


Clare Andresen came to Iowa State University undecided, and after exploring her options she found her passion for financial counseling. Determined to help others overcome financial obstacles, she is excited to advance into her professional career. 

Rotem (Ro) Arieli


Ro Arieli works to improve the lives of older adults through her graduate research on successful aging.

Amy Yager


Amy Yager uses personal experience with trauma as motivation to better the lives of children through future career as a children's mental health therapist.

Maria Alcívar Zúñiga


Maria Alcívar Zúñiga knows what it's like to live undocumented in the U.S., so she is utilizing her education and research to positively impact immigrant families.

Alayna Meeks


Alayna Meeks flourishes in child, adult, and family services through her job, volunteer work, and internship.

Andrea Figg


After transferring to Iowa State her sophomore year, Andrea Figg was able to study family and consumer sciences education and studies while obtaining a coaching endorsement. This will allow  her to become a family and consumer sciences teacher and an athletics coach.

Fabiha Mahmud


During high school, Fabiha volunteered at her local elementary school. This helped her recognize that she belonged in early childhood education.

Jenny Phan


Through an encouraging adviser, personal ties, and a bold leap, Jenny Phan became an emerging researcher with a prestigious fellowship at Iowa State University.

Morgan Kierscht


Morgan Kierscht always loved family and consumer sciences. Her involvement with Family, Consumer and Career Leaders of America gave her the knowledge and confidence to work toward becoming a family and consumer sciences teacher.

Alyson Rogers


Alyson Rogers' academic drive has allowed her to grow as an individual and prepared her for her dream of becoming a child life specialist. 

Shelby Zahradnek


Shelby Zahradnek built her foundations as a leader through Family, Career and Community Leaders of America. She's now preparing herself to be an advocate for her future family and consumer sciences and art students.

Alyssa Hanson


Alyssa Hanson has always appreciated art. After coming to Iowa State to pursue her graduate degree, she discovered a deep interest in art education.

Natasha Peterson

<p>“Death is inevitable, but we don’t talk about it. If we would talk about it more openly, we would have a better point of view about it.”</p>

Natasha Peterson finds solace in gerontology studies as a graduate student after the death of her grandmother.

Jaymie Wasem


Jaymie Wasem's ultimate goal is to be the best teacher she can be. She developed the confidence and leadership skills of a great educator through her involvement with Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA).

Jenna Baumler


Working in a preschool classroom in high school inspired Jenna to study early childhood education. Read about how Jenna's experiences in clubs and in the classroom have contributed to her growth as a student.

Miranda Keith


Miranda Keith has a plethora of passions she is pursuing. Transferring to Iowa State to follow one passion unexpectedly led Miranda to child, adult, and family services and another passion for working with at-risk youth.

Gabrielle Woods


Gabrielle Woods has been impacted by Alzheimer's disease in her personal life, and that pushed her even closer to studying gerontology. Read about how the gerontology master's program has led Gabrielle to a future career of helping others through hardships.

Emily Leerhoff


Emily Leerhoff is a family and consumer sciences education and studies major who is passionate about teaching. As a Rising Star Intern for Iowa State University Extension and Outreach this summer, Emily got to impact communities in ways she'd never thought of before.

Allison Gress


Allison Gress lived in Las Vegas, New York City, and Munich while searching for a city and institution that would be the right size and educational fit for her. It was when she transferred to Iowa State that she truly discovered her future path.

Lillie Perry


As a financial counseling and planning major, a member of the Financial Planning Association, and a student worker in the Student Loan Education Office on campus, Lillie Perry is collecting priceless experience that will help her help others with their finances.

Taylor Barnard


Taylor Barnard hopes to work at the Make-A-Wish Foundation after she graduates. When she isn't studying, Taylor enjoys volunteering, following Bob Ross painting tutorials with friends, and taking care of her plants.

Brittney Dvorsky


Brittney Dvorsky plans to work as a kindergarten teacher after graduation. When Brittney isn't studying she enjoys baking, watching movies with her roommates or spending time at home with family.

Cassidy Swiggum


Cassidy Swiggum plans to work with children as a Kindergarten teacher or in school administration. When the she isn't studying, Cassidy enjoys watching Netflix and reading.

John Kerr


John Kerr plans on becoming a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner after he graduates. When he has free time, John enjoys watching The Office and Parks and Recreation.

Brea Baumhover


Brea Baumhover plans to work as a family and consumer sciences and health teacher. When she isn't studying, Brea enjoys spending time with friends, participating in multiple clubs, and relaxing with embroidery, cross-stitch, or wool applique.

Emily Parent

<p>“Previously, my company had no stable wellness program for their 8,000 employees, and I was able to develop a program to reach our employees in all five Midwestern states.”</p>

Emily Parent intends to use her degree to work on her weight management program full time. When she isn't studying, she enjoys going for a run, cooking, and relaxing on the lake with friends and family.

Shelby Dumont


Shelby Dumont looks forward to making an impact in the education profession after she graduates. When she isn't growing her skills as an educator, she likes watching Netflix, spending time with her friends, and trying new restaurants.

Kaelyn Swartout


Kaelyn Swartout aspires to make an impact helping children as a child life specialist after graduation. When she isn't building her knowledge for her future career, she enjoys watching Grey's Anatomy, hanging out with her friends, and staying involved in her sorority.

Kate Pruess


Kate Pruess is incredibly excited to teach family and consumer sciences once she graduates; however, her ​dream​ job is to become a guidance counselor. She plans on teaching for a few years and then get her masters in school counseling. For now, she enjoys spending her free time reading, baking, and going to the gym.

Elyse Christian


Elyse Christian looks forward to educating parents on their children's development after she obtains her degree. For now, she enjoys spending time with her husband, reading, and listening to music.

Anlis Mercado


After graduating, Anlis Mercado wants to work as a guidance counselor for adolescents. Walking around campus, watching Netflix, or reading a good book are ways she unwinds after hours of classes and studying.

Landon Calderwood


Landon Calderwood is preparing to be a family and consumer sciences professor after graduation. He enjoys playing the organ, watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends when he isn’t focusing on coursework and clubs.

Lauren Stratton


Lauren Stratton sees herself doing research, programming, and/or policy work for an organization devoted to helping older adults and their caregivers after graduation. In her spare time now, she stays active at her church, does community theater, and plays with her two bunnies.

Haley Appel


Haley Appel's career goal is teaching in a child care facility of K-3. Until she earns her degree, she thrift shops, spends time at Cafe Diem, and hangs out with her friends.

Megan Wallace


When Megan changed her major to child, adult, and family services after her freshman year, she knew it was the right choice. She enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and going out to eat with friends. 

Olivia Diggs


Olivia Diggs wants to become a tenured professor at an R1 teaching and research academic institution. Between research projects, Olivia finds time to kayak, attend concerts, and support her siblings in their sporting and music activities.

Sia Turner


Sia's goal is to serve as a Peace Corps Youth in Development volunteer. She would also like to be a social worker, empowering teens to improve their lives. Between volunteering, Sia finds time to bike, listen to music, and watch Netflix.

Ashley Murphy


Ashley Murphy knows she wants to work in a Title I school district, as a kindergarten teacher, with at-risk children. When she isn’t studying, she enjoys grabbing coffee from Caribou and sitting on central campus with a book, going to the Memorial Union Maintenance Shop, and finding new things to do around Ames.

Sergio Torres


Sergio wants to one day help people manage their debt as a financial counselor. When he isn’t studying, he can be found dancing, writing, or playing video games.

Katie Tullar


Katie Tullar can't wait to become a family and consumer science high school teacher. When she isn't studying, she can be found working out at State Gym, hanging out in coffee shops, or exploring new places on campus.

Emily McKnight


Emily McKnight aspires to be an author, certified dating/relationship coach, and a tenured professor. When she isn't studying, she enjoys spending quality time with her family.

Gina Lee


Gina Lee wants to become a gerontology professor in the United States. When she isn't studying, Gina likes to surf Facebook and watch movies.