Student Profiles

Shelby Dumont


Shelby Dumont looks forward to making an impact in the education profession after she graduates. When she growing her skills as an educator, she likes watching Netflix, spending time with her friends, and trying new restaurants.

Kaelyn Swartout


Kaelyn Swartout aspires to make an impact helping children as a child life specialist after graduation. When she isn't building her knowledge for her future career, she enjoys watching Grey's Anatomy, hanging out with her friends, and staying involved in her sorority.

Darcy Smalley


Darcy Smalley's long-term career goal is to own her own daycare. While she continues to work toward her goal, she enjoys hanging out with people, drinking coffee, and going for walks in her free time.

Kate Pruess


Kate Pruess is incredibly excited to teach family and consumer sciences once she graduates; however, her ​dream​ job is to become a guidance counselor. She plans on teaching for a few years and then get her masters in school counseling. For now, she enjoys spending her free time reading, baking, and going to the gym.

Elyse Christian


Elyse Christian looks forward to educating parents on their children's development after she obtains her degree. For now, she enjoys spending time with her husband, reading, and listening to music.

Anlis Mercado


After graduating, Anlis Mercado wants to work as a guidance counselor for adolescents. Walking around campus, watching Netflix, or reading a good book are ways she unwinds after hours of classes and studying.

Lauren Stratton


Lauren Stratton sees herself doing research, programming, and/or policy work for an organization devoted to helping older adults and their caregivers after graduation. In her spare time now, she stays active at her church, does community theater, and plays with her two bunnies.

Chloe Steffensmeier


Chloe Steffensmeier hopes to one day use her master's degree in gerontology to work for the Department on Aging. In her free time, she enjoys playing piano, being outdoors, and spending time with friends and family.

Mariah Nichols

<p>“I’m glad I learned [what I wanted in a career] before I got a full-time job.”</p>

Mariah Nichols can't wait to use her financial counseling and planning degree to help people manage their finances. In addition to working and studying, Mariah enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to music, and participating in clubs.

Jon Ordonio


Jon Ordonio strives to join UNESCO and teach children around the world. When Jon isn't preparing to be a teacher, he attends club meetings, learns dance moves on YouTube, and reads the newest version of a Japanese light novel.