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Rebecca Wallace

Major: Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Studies

Minor/option/emphasis: Licensure (option); Culinary Food Science (minor)

Year: Senior
Hometown, State: Bussey, Iowa

Type of experience: Study abroad
Experience: Explore Craftsmanship and Hospitality in Western Europe
Experience website:
Destination: France

Overall experience..
My overall study abroad experience was phenomenal. I am a transfer student, so I thought that my opportunity to study abroad had passed, then I realized there are so many short trip options available for students! This specific study abroad experience was special for me in many ways. First, this is my first time out of the country. Second, it was my first plane ride ever! Lastly, I got to experience several cultures that differ from my own. I had so many great experiences while abroad and met some amazing people that I became very close with.

I learned...
I first learned about this international opportunity from the ISU Abroad website.

An impact to my life...
This study abroad experience has impacted my life in many ways. First, I achieved a few personal goals. As mentioned above, it was my first time abroad and on a plane. In addition to those, I have gained confidence using public transportation and navigating foreign countries. My educational and long-term career goals were impacted by this trip because I had some unique experiences through this trip that I would not have had if I were just an ordinary tourist. During this experience I got to do a lace making workshop, felting workshop, and a tour of a coffee roastery, I would not have known of these opportunities if I was an ordinary tourist. I can use what I have learned during this study abroad experience in my future family and consumer sciences classroom. I consider myself extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to travel abroad and learn so much about other cultures.

I will never forget...
The entire trip was the most exciting, breath-taking, awe inspiring experience I have ever had, and I loved every moment of it. If I had to pick the most memorable experience from my time abroad, it would have to be visiting Zaanse Schans in the Netherlands. This was the most memorable for me because it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, and it was so charming. I grew up near the Dutch town, Pella, Iowa and have always loved how the town embraced their Dutch heritage. It was so neat to see first hand where those settlers came from, the architecture that inspires their buildings, and to experience their original customs.

Advice for others...
My advice for other students who want to study abroad is to just apply and see what happens! College is a time to explore and experience new things. Short trips are a great fit if you have never been abroad, and traveling in a group makes you feel more at ease being away from home.

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